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US Resources - Guide to Agile Working


Your essential guide to agile working.

Maximise your agile working potential wherever you choose to work with the following top tips straight from Hotbox experts.

Be Organised:

Working in different locations often means you need to be more organised. Whilst you can use electronic files so you don’t have to carry documents and resources with you, travelling with a Hotbox, laptop bag or rucksack ensures you have everything you need to have a good workday. It transports all your items for you so you won’t have to leave anything behind.

Be Productive:

Working by yourself can have its challenges. To keep focused, make a list of what you need to do each morning, prioritise specific tasks and set yourself a goal. Only tackle the other items when these are finished.

Be Equipped:

Having the right equipment transforms your workstyle, maximising your ability to work flexibly. Show initiative by attending any software or hardware training your organisation offers. Learn how to access your files remotely, and keep in touch with your team using communications software such as Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync.

Be Comfortable:

A comfortable body = a more motivated mind. Wherever you are working, find the time to create your ideal environment. Learn how to adjust the chair, screens and keywords and sit square to the desk without hunching - especially when using a laptop. Don’t be afraid to ask your organisation’s occupational health team for advice. Your comfort is the priority.


Got a question?

Whether you want to know more about agile working, or really need to get to grips with the best ways to personalise your storage spaces, our FAQs have all the answers to your questions.

We are moving offices and I’m losing my own desk. How will it be?

A change in work environments can be unsettling, especially when you have been used to having everything on your desk around you. We all need our own personal space; that is why at Hotbox we have designed products with the individual in mind. With Hotbox, you can still take your personal items along with you - your tools just need to be portable.

Sometimes, looking at all the things on your desk helps you to see the objects you no longer need. Getting rid of excess items will help your productivity and your organisation – a win-win situation.

And what about having a place to put my things? Where will that be?

You will be given a locker, which is essentially a basecamp to keep your things secure. For some it will become a black hole where things are forgotten about, but for others lockers are a key organisational tool which helps them to prepare for work.

Taking things from your locker to your desk for the entire day takes a lot of organisation – you want to avoid leaving anything behind. It might be good exercise to walk to and from your locker 10 times a day, but it is not the most productive task. Instead, form a plan, pack everything up and make one trip.

I’m nervous about losing my desk as I have photos of my kids pinned up. I really don’t want to lose them if I go to another location?

Having your personal things around you at work makes you a happier person. When you feel happier, you work better. In most companies, staff wellbeing is high up on the productivity agenda, so when I design I’m always keen to make sure I create pieces so people can personalise their spaces.

But how do you do this when you’re in a new location each day? Simply design products which enable people to take their things with them. Then spaces can be personalised wherever you are.

I am a facilities manager and our company is moving to agile working. What does this mean?

Agile working is where individual employees are not assigned to a particular workstation; they have the freedom to select where they work each day. But just because workspaces can vary does not mean they lack purpose.

Employees might choose to work in a coffee house because they need an ambient location to focus in, others might want a more social setting when collaborating with colleagues. The crucial thing is to ensure employees have the tools to work – and this is what Hotbox offers.

As a facilities or office manager, what do I need to do to get the most out of an agile-working workplace?

The key to making a successful transition to this workplace is to put employee’s personal needs first. Some may find it difficult to give up their permanent desk so it is important to offer support during this stage.

Going forward, employees will require objects to store and carry personal possessions, especially if some like the idea of working in different locations each day. Take time to consider what you give your employees, as it will speak volumes about what kind of company you are and how you feel about your workforce.

How can organisations introduce a clear desk policy?

A clear desk policy is great in organised working environments; however, problems can occur if people have bad habits. The main one is beach towelling where employees set up their workstation and leave their items there all day whilst they work in other areas.

To prevent this, you need to make clearing away as efficient as possible so employees can still feel organised when packing their stuff away in good time. The average time wasted per day in setting and clearing can be 20 minutes - a lot of time if you add that up for every day and every employee.

Product Summaries

A little insight into our Hotbox family.

Our product summaries, available for free download offer a quick glimpse into each product to help you find the right Hotbox to suit your workstyle.

Hotbox 1

Quick transitions from office-to-office are simple with Hotbox 1. With different colours to choose from, its nimble, open design means you can transport all your important items to a meeting. Let’s just say you won’t need to juggle a notepad, two pens and a coffee between your hands.

Hotbox 2

Hotbox 2 adds colour and personality to any workspace. Designed to meet all of your agile working needs, Hotbox 2 has a plethora of storage possibilities. Available in various shades, this quirky device has an inbuilt whiteboard, room for photos, an iPad, plus Hotbox's pop-up pencil case.

Hotbox 3

As long as you have a Hotbox 3, you can travel to any office destination. Made from lightweight fabric, Hotbox 3 keeps you organised so you can focus on your work day. With separate compartments, this multifunctional and portable storage device is the key to agile working.

Hotbox Origin

For keeping confidential information stored in a compact, usable and secure container, look no further than Hotbox Origin. Easily fastened to a desk, this storage box is a firm favourite with some of the most reputable global organisations. It really is a staple of every modern office space.

Price Lists

A little insight into our Hotbox family

Hotbox products are designed for everyone and anyone who wants to inject personality into their agile working environments. Our retail price lists are available for free download, giving you a little more insight into each Hotbox.

Hotbox 1

An essential item for moving between office spaces, Hotbox 1 is the perfect tool for transporting all the items you need to attend that impromptu meeting.

Hotbox 2

Quirky, colourful and original, Hotbox 2 is a complete must for anyone who wants to personalise their working environment with photos, stationery and even their tiny cactus.

Hotbox 3

Adaptable and sleek with plenty of storage potential, Hotbox 3 hits the mark when it comes to finding the product that will take you to new workspaces.

Hotbox Origin

Easily attachable to a desk, Hotbox Origin is ideal for storing personal information in a secure, portable container.


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