The Secret is in the Flow

Hotbox is a flexible storage system that unchains you from your workstation. It makes agile working easy. From locker to hot-desk to co-working space - Just gather your tools and go. 

You can't be agile without it.

  • Transport - Work wherever and whenever.

    Have you noticed how it sometimes takes three or four trips to move your things back and forth when you’re hot-desking? With Hotbox personal storage, it takes just one journey to move safely, quickly and easily from the locker to wherever you want to work. Simple. Effective. And speedy...

  • Organise - A place for everything.

    As an agile worker you don't have a desk or pedestal to put things on (or in). But how can you work without the tools you need? Enter Hotbox. The on-desk organiser that saves you timemoney and frustration searching for the stuff you need. Relax. Now you can personalise your space...

  • Personalise - Make your space your own.

    We’re all individuals. We like to add our own touches to things. But how can you personalise your workspace when you share it with other users? The answer is Hotbox. Make your space your own, use the white board to add notes, add your favourite photo's, a pencil case and choose a colour to suit you. Be different – wherever it transports you…

  • Speed - Go with the flow.

    You can work wherever and whenever you want. But it’s often a hassle to pack up and move. So you stay put. With Hotbox, you can easily be unpacked and ready to work – or repacked and ready to move – in under a minute. It saves you time and helps companies introduce agile working without ‘beach towelling’ at desks. Let the work flow.