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It is great seeing so many people  organising their workspaces with HB-two. It is so easy because HB-two… H    holds your laptop, files, i-pad, pens and stationery O  organises and arranges your workspace T  tidies…

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Why HOTBOX in 60 seconds


HB one

HB-one Where it all started, HB-one is the original lockable portable file storage system. Hang it on a tool bar or from a desk clamp, or clip it onto the Caddy to take it with you when you are on the move.

HB two

HB-two Bright, light and personal, HB-two is the flexible portable storage system for all your work. Choose the interior storage to suit your needs and finish off with a fabric cover of your choice. Carry your laptop, tablet, files and pens in style and individualise your space.

Portable Storage Just Got Personal

HB two
  • Flexible interior can store tablets, laptops, phones, pens, files and personal items
  • Soft feel handle for comfort
  • Soft, curvy and flexible ABS plastic core
  • Interchangeable fabric or vinyl covers for complete individuality
  • Fabric cover flips out of the way to reveal the interior
  • Mount for optional shoulder strap for ease of carrying
  • Name tag
  • Side pull handle for easy removal from lockers
  • Removable utility pots can be used anywhere on the work surface
  • Optional tablet stand
  • Optional tablet strap holder
  • Option to add your logo
  • Option without cover available
  • Desk and screen mount options available soon

HB-two designed in collaboration with Forster Inc

The Original Lockable Portable File Storage System

HB one
  • HB-one is designed to work in your space – hang it on a tool bar or from the desk clamp, or clip it on the Caddy to take it with you when you are on the move
  • Two ergonomic handles allow easy transfer and lifting
  • Combination lock for security
  • Flexible interior dividers and personal buddy to organise your space
  • Integrated clip for securing HB-one to your tool rail or HOTBOX® desk clamp
  • HOTBOX® Caddy for convenient movement over longer distances



Generate your ideal HB-two and we will respond with a quote and a lead time.

Whether you want the simplicity of the HB-two without a cover, or decide to make a truly personal statement by choosing your fabric and interior options, just click here and complete the form and we will do all the rest.


Create your HB-two


  • Hotbox Accessories Shoulder Strap Shoulder Strap
  • Hotbox Accessories Tablet Strap Tablet Strap
  • Hotbox Accessories Tablet Clip Tablet Clip
  • Hotbox Accessories Apply Logo Apply your logo
  • Hotbox Accessories Desk Mount Desk Mount
  • Hotbox Accessories Screen Mount Screen Mount



  • Hotbox Accessories Caddy Caddy
  • Hotbox Accessories Desk Clamp Desk Clamp


Height Depth Width Weight
HB-two 311mm 125mm 426mm 1.8kg
Manufactured from recyclable ABS.


Height Depth Width Weight
Lid closed 270mm 250mm 385mm 3.2kg
Lid open 260mm 267mm
Manufactured from recyclable polypropylene with aluminium inner panels.


HOTBOX Storage

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